Monday, October 29, 2012

Engine Bay Updates 1, 2 + 3

Samm made a stencil for my car before Subiefest to add some spice to an otherwise mostly OEM look


The stencil fit perfectly :)

What it looked like after

Then I got a little bored with things and found some great CL deals which sparked other ideas... and... You get the picture!

Found this and two other components for $200!

The red was a little faded so...

I thought since I was in there:
-Perrin Pitch Stop mount
-COBB Tuning Heatshield

The OEM WRX TMIC vs. STi TMIC in prep mode

Showing off some new silicone

After initial installation

Complete under the mask :)

Take a step back:
...and what we have here, is a beauty :)

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