Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Current Tally Up

If you've put in the time to look through the pages of my postings, you might notice that some things are different that have not been noted. I tried to post according to what photos I've taken but I've done much more to it that I could not remember exactly where it would date according to the photos shown. Here's a list of what I currently have either on the car or for use on the car as an option:

-COBB Tuning lightweight main pulley in gold
-Air box silencer delete
-Apex-i high flow drop in air filter
-Helix cat-less down pipe
-05 STi cat-back (currently installed for local use)
-COBB Tuning replica cat-less cat-back (for out of town/show use)
-COBB Tuning Access Port tuned at Stage 2 ACN 91

-KING 1.5" lift stiffer off-road springs
-KYB OEM upgrade struts
-STi pink strut top brace front and back
-STi pink H-Brace unibody stiffener
-Camber bolts
-OEM wheels (2 pairs) for street & off-road tires
-Michelin pilot OEM size tires 205/55/16 (off the car)
-General Tire Grabber AT/2 215/65/16 (on the car)
-Gloss black painted calipers

-All synthetic gear oil front and back
-Clutch delay valve delete (custom)

-Wing-less/key-less/badge-less trunk
-OEM JDM STi MY01-02 hood scoop
-Bed-liner painted side skirts and wheel wells
-Rally Armor red on black Urethane mud flaps
-Hella SuperTone red horn set
-Baked and painted headlights
-6000k Headlights and foglight retrofit
-6000k LED DRLs
-Dark Amber LED blinker lights
-Yakima snow sport roof rack (on the car)
-Tow hitch
-Yakima 2-bike rack (off the car)

-Rear and backglass window tint
-STi seats front and back
-BLOX Racing 490g weighted shift knob
-Doggie bench seat protector
-Doggie seat belt/harness adapter
-Doggie camo bench length cushion
-AccessPort gauge/dyno computer

Reno 2012 Official Release

Meet Rex. The commuter, the daily driver, the street fighter, the tow package, the shuttle bug, the snow demon, the grocery shopper and the off-road commander. Favorite motto:


MOD 11

Reeling it in now and just pocket change away from where I want Rex to be. I sold my shopping cart handle and had my wingless trunk professionally color match painted. Samm bought me an OEM JDM STi 01-02 hood scoop from Subaru Genuine Parts and I had that painted with the trunk as it came just in time for Valentines day 2012. I topped it off by painting the side skirts and wheel wells with bed-liner.

MOD 11 The Finish Line Within View

The lift and the tuck. Samm bought me some King lifting off-road springs for my birthday, then some new struts for X-Mas. To complete the off-road beast we now know as Rex, I purchased a second pair of OEM wheels and mounted som brand new 215/65/16 General Tire Grabber AT2 meats for some serious all terrain capability.

Teaser shots:

MOD 10 Functional

After a few snow storms and heavy rain through out the year the bushings on my wipers were cracking and breaking off. Some O'Reilly universal snap-ons did the trick and now they work with OEM conviction again.

Mammoth 2011

After much hearsay, we had to make the trip across the state to see what all the hype was about for MTB on Mammoth Mt. It wasn't all that great riding wise but the drive there and back was awesome!

Truckee 2011

MTB season is here and camping was made easy as Rex and the wing make for a rather useful tent rack:

We got to the chosen camp site and grabbed the first decent site we could find and set up. Once we were all settled in, we had just enough day light to take a bike tour of the rest of the area. We realized soon that the camp stretched out about 3 times as much as we expected and actually found the perfect site nestled in the trees with no reservation. So what do we do now that we're all set up? -Chuck all the bags in the car, take the air mattress filled tent and hold on for dear life as we made out way over to the opposite side of the camp. We caught just a few glances...

The perfect nook for our tent

Early morning rise and shine

Pretty little guard dog watching camp while we were away


Finally for some power modifications. Real ones. With in the power section I have already replaced the drop-in air filter with an Apex-i high flow and I cut off the air box silencer for more intake whine and better efficiency. The eBay cat-back was still on and I was pry-ing for more out of my sweetest. I invested in a $50 knockoff 3" DP to change with my stock one and bought a COBB AccessPort new for my ride to make sure all was acting properly.

Stock vs. heat wrapped eBay cheapy:

Naked turbo shots... ooo la la

After all was said and done, we flashed her to Stage 2 and called it a day at 1AM the next morning :)


I made a trip down to south bay to visit a tuner shop. I left with some fun candy to shoot how it would look with neon puke for a few days. Granted the look didn't last long as I wanted to go a little more off-road with it then street rat.

I had some neon green spray can left over and got creative with it... The BLOX Racing purple tuner lugs I bought at SE stayed on until the next off-road trip and never made it back on because of their high maintenance attitude.

Samm bought me a BLOX Racing LTD chromo blue 490g weighted shift knob (this one was a keeper):


Labels from the shop we purchased at, these lasted about as long as the photo shoot took.

Reno 2011

We made a style swap and aimed high for the hills. My parents had a free two-night stay at the Grand Sierra in Reno, NV and couldn't use it so we took advantage of the freebie and went up with snow in mind. We had to go play first though, of course!

Reno strip first night

We made found ourselves at Pyramid Lake after wandering through Virginia City and Fernley

Vanity shots:

The beach side: (tons of dead fish and bird remains you can't really see)

I found a stick:

Samm getting artsy

Oh, look! An off-road park in the middle of nowhere :)

On the way back the blizzard hit and even the big mountains had to shut their main lifts down for safety. No snow for us this time folks...

Just over the mountain from Reno going into Truckee:


-and the car closet begins. We acquired an STi wing for dirt cheap that was already paint matched to my OEM trunk. Made the trip to San Jo to get it then brought it back to mount it up and now we had two to choose from depending on what style mood I was in. My dad bought me a hitch for our bikes and Samm's coach/family friend lent us his two-bike extension piece to use as a main rack until we can afford a better one that works with what we have.

Costco Gas Station shots on the BB:

Out in Berkeley hills for a quickie shoot with the bikes: