Wednesday, March 28, 2012

MOD 6 and where we're at now

Samm and I went out to walk my parents dog one day and found ourselves exploring the streets around where I grew up to see what was different and so poke around the areas that I never had a chance to explore. We came upon a dead end street that I never knew was there before and came upon an exact match to my car as I purchased it originally. The same car, same year bone stock with twice as many miles on it chilling there in front of someone's house. It looked like it hadn't moved for a long time so we thought photo shooting it wouldn't hurt anyone. Here's a contrast shot of what it used to be vs. what it is now:

Samm bought me HELLA SuperTone horns for Valentines day (quite the ordeal that was - after purchasing two pairs and only receiving one they were finally installed).

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