Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Truckee 2011

MTB season is here and camping was made easy as Rex and the wing make for a rather useful tent rack:

We got to the chosen camp site and grabbed the first decent site we could find and set up. Once we were all settled in, we had just enough day light to take a bike tour of the rest of the area. We realized soon that the camp stretched out about 3 times as much as we expected and actually found the perfect site nestled in the trees with no reservation. So what do we do now that we're all set up? -Chuck all the bags in the car, take the air mattress filled tent and hold on for dear life as we made out way over to the opposite side of the camp. We caught just a few glances...

The perfect nook for our tent

Early morning rise and shine

Pretty little guard dog watching camp while we were away

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