Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Reno 2011

We made a style swap and aimed high for the hills. My parents had a free two-night stay at the Grand Sierra in Reno, NV and couldn't use it so we took advantage of the freebie and went up with snow in mind. We had to go play first though, of course!

Reno strip first night

We made found ourselves at Pyramid Lake after wandering through Virginia City and Fernley

Vanity shots:

The beach side: (tons of dead fish and bird remains you can't really see)

I found a stick:

Samm getting artsy

Oh, look! An off-road park in the middle of nowhere :)

On the way back the blizzard hit and even the big mountains had to shut their main lifts down for safety. No snow for us this time folks...

Just over the mountain from Reno going into Truckee:

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