Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First Photo Shoot

Taken on my girl friend's first generation Blackberry Pearl. Most of what you will see here in the early months of Rex will be taken on one of our cell phones. Samm, my girlfriend knows how to make just about every crappy photo look almost decent. We had a digital camera but the Blackberry had better zoom and flash. Literally. Only until late 2011 to present have we had a legitimate Nikon camera.

Here's some history about what I've driven in succession: Classic Chevy Truck (never got it running), older generation Toyota pick-up beefed up for off road, BMW 3-series, Nissan Titan 5.6SE king cab pickup and now this. This car is by far the most enjoyable to drive, most versatile and worth while I've had.

So here we go with the first born Subaru to the family. An Aspen White 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX. Here's some history about this gal: There's a park n' sell lot in the city next to mine called the Buggy Bank. A Berkeley-ite Nebraska native mormon man that was moving to the city decided that having an AWD manual transmission under him while living and driving in the city was just too much. He purchased a Prius and deemed it the perfect vehicle then needed to sell this off to get rid of it and earn some money back. 52k original miles and bone stock. Asking 11k OBO. I counter offered at 10k and walked away with a major steal.

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