Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I got tired of the "whale tail" look of the OEM WRX trunk wing... So I bought a wingless one! I had this painted private party for dirt cheap at first which proved to be a bad decision as it looked like he used Honda paint so save bucks and the hue was noticeably off when you got up to it close. I welded and shaved the keyhole closed and de-badged the whole thing for a cleaner look. 

Sleeper look with out the wing or any badges:

The OEM color of the wheels was holding me back from seeing where I really wanted the car to go looks wise. I painted them myself with some higher quality semi-flat spray that I got from O'Reilly. It was not super durable against gravel pits ;) but was easy enough to fix up while I still had to use my stock wheels and the street tires it came with. 

Taking off the last of the masking before installing the last wheel:

 Sneak peak of what I accomplished:

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